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Power Limited Technician (aka, Low Voltage Electrical Technician)

*Please note, experience preferred, but not required. On the job training, leading to Power Limited Technician (PLT) licensing provided for those without licensing

Nerdy Customs is local family owned business and is seeking an employee to fulfill the role of Power Limited Technician. The company is based out of the Detroit Lakes/Frazee area but we cover a large area of NW Minnesota. Potential candidates need not live in the immediate area, but local candidates may be prefered.

What we provide:

  • Starting pay of $24-$35/hour. Negotiable based on experience/skill set

  • Company vehicle for most service calls/installations

  • Company provided tools

  • Apprenticeship/on the job training for those without experience seeking to obtain low voltage electrical licensing (Power Limited Technician, PLT)

    • After 3 year apprenticeship, if a PLT license is procured, expect to be making $30-$35/hour

  • Annual bonus based on profit sharing from the jobs you completed

  • Flexible vacation days, sick time, paid holidays.

  • Flexible hours. Schedule can be customized to work for you.

    • Four 10 hour days, five 8 hour days, etc.

The roles this position may be expected to perform include:

  • Install and maintain electronic security systems

    • alarm systems, video surveillance, access control

  • Install and maintain network infrastructure

    • network cabling, access points, terminate cables at patch panels/wall plates

  • Install and maintain HVAC control systems

    • pre-wire new construction or remodels of commercial sites with appropriate cabling to support modern HVAC control systems

  • Install and maintain fire alarm systems

    • install fire alarm panels and devices, program, test, and perform annual inspections


  • Must be 18+ years of age

  • Must hold a valid drivers license

  • Pass background check

  • Must either hold or be willing to work towards achieving licensing to be a Minnesota Power Limited Technician (low voltage electrician)

  • Must be able to travel as needed for jobs. Overnight hotel stays are not uncommon.

  • Must either be familiar with or willing to learn Minnesota fire and electrical codes to ensure proper installation of systems.

  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. If you are a hard worker and willing to learn, we can train you and after 3 years (and successful license procurement) you will be in the $30-$35/hour range.

How to Apply:

Fill out the online application form:


Security Systems

Install and maintain security systems including alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and access control systems.


Data Systems

Install and maintain structured cabling to support building technology infrastructure.

Flexible Payment Planning

HVAC Control Systems

Prewire commercial new construction and renovation projects HVAC control systems

structured cabling, wiring, network, cabling, fiber optics, audio, video, security, cat5e, cat5, cat6

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