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Education - 3D Printing

Nerdy Customs has many years of 3D printing expertise. The owner of Nerdy Customs had a former life in which he was a science teacher of 10 years who integrated 3D printing into his own classroom curriculum. Whether you need assistance with hardware purchase choices, filament choices, curriculum, 3d modeling, or training for staff, Nerdy Customs can help.

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3D Printers and Filament

If you need help finding the right 3D printer and/or filament for your needs, Nerdy Customs can help you make the right choice.


Staff Training

Do you have 3D printers but no staff qualified to teach with them? Nerdy Customs offers training classes so your staff can become experts with their machines, 3d modeling, and slicing software.


Custom Classroom Lessons

Don't have a 3D printer, or no staff qualified to teach with one? Nerdy Customs offers customizable sessions where our staff can come directly to you with everything we need to teach in your classroom. It's like a field trip that comes to you!

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