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Education - Wifi & Networking

Is your school due for a Wifi or hard wire upgrade? Let Nerdy Customs analyze your campus and make a recommendation that fits your budgetary needs.


Wifi Access Points

Let's face it, the vast majority of internet traffic these days is wireless. Can your network infrastructure properly handle all your students wireless devices? We can help analyze your campus and design a system to bring your aging infrastructure up to date.

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Ethernet Hard Wiring

Much to the surprise of your students, many devices simply still need or run best over physical network cables. If you have a new building project, a lab being moved, or any other need for data wiring, Nerdy Customs can handle the job.

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Mobile Wifi

Whether you need mobile hotspots or WiFi on your school buses, Nerdy Customs can work with companies like Kajeet to get your devices installed.

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