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Camera Installation

Commercial Video Surveillance

Nerdy Customs can help design, install, and program a video surveillance system to fit your businesses needs. Whether you are a small local business, education facility, or a large industry player, we can design a system for you.

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Local Control

Most systems we install have no monthly fees like many competitors. Your data is stored locally where you own and control it.


A Watchful Eye

Whether you need to keep an eye on inventory, employees, or customers, our systems can give you crystal clear video quality of what you need to see.


Remote Viewing

Your camera system can be securely viewed remotely with nearly any cell phone, tablet, laptop, or PC with an internet connection.

Software Downloads

Desktop Video Management Software (VMS):

Windows 64 Bit   |   Windows 32 Bit   | Mac OS


Android  |   iPhone/iPad


VMS Manual  |   RPAS Player   | IP Tool

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