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Education - Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards can be a centerpiece for collaboration and interactive learning within the classroom. For many years, Smart Technologies has dominated this market space in school districts. However, other companies have stepped up to offer competitive products at much more school budget friendly prices. Nerdy Customs is an authorized reseller of Viewsonic interactive "Viewboards". We also sell Promethean and Smartboards, however, we believe that Viewsonic Viewboards are usually the best value.


Viewsonic Viewboards

Viewsonic offers several product stacks of their Viewboard. The 3rd gen IFP50 series is usually the best value for a classroom interactive screen. Contact Nerdy Customs today for special low education pricing!


Viewboard Functionality

Viewboards come with a built in Android based operating system, so they can work without a PC! Alternatively, you can also connect to a PC, or purchase a slot-in PC that nicely slides into the chassis of the Viewboard.


Try Our Free Demo!

If your school district is interested in experiencing a Viewsonic Viewboard, we can provide you with a demo model at no cost to you to try for a limited time!

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